The Perfect Phrase To Condescendingly Dismiss Anything

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Check this. Really hilarious.

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Quote of the day: Grandpa: My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a porn star.

An Idea Is All You Need

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Everyone wants to make a name for himself. Everyone wants to do something new and extra-ordinary. People like me (read software engineers) want to develop “something” cool. BUT, the stage where most of them go wrong is the very first one. Most of them think that the road to develop something cool starts from a particular “language” or a tool. But I beg to differ. I say the first stage is “The Idea”.

Most of my friends and others around me think that having a particular skill set is very important to develop something the world hasn’t seen till now. And for this they end up reading through piles of books, which claim to make them a master in C, C++, PHP, Python, Web 2.0 and what not. This is all OK, but the problem is, when they have gone through the books, done all the exercises, made all the samle projects, then they have a question in their minds “Now What”?

What I think is that this question should have been asked in the very beginning of the journey. And it should have been answered by the occurrence of a new idea.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for reading books, developing skill sets, learning new technologies, etc. But the only point I want to make is that all this is a “means” to give your “idea” a shape. They are not where your story begins. What if you spent a lot of time acquiring perl skills and then when (and if) you get your brilliant idea, you find out that the best way to implement it would be using C. Are you back to square one? No. Skills acquired are never a waste. “Concepts” developed can easily be applied to the new tool that you have to use.

But one more thing, its again not a hard rule that now you should just sit in your chair all day long and keep thinking. I bet its much harder to get the idea stream flowing that way. Ideas don’t have a pattern that they follow while coming into your mind. They may come to you any place unexpected (I get most of mine while bathing 😉 ).

But there is something you can do to ensure that your brain gets accustomed to recognize an idea when you do get it. So, while you are reading through that book on C programming, don’t just get engrossed in typing out the exact source code that’s fed to you. “Think” about whether is that enough? Can you make some modification to it so that it becomes more efficient? Can you tweak it a bit to do more than its already doing?

Keep your eyes open when you go around your daily chores. Think when you open your door whether wouldn’t it be nice if the door could recognize you are there and open itself. There’s your idea. And while you are at it, think wouldn’t it be even nicer if your home would have poured you a cool drink itself when you enter it?

Now, tell me whether you would like to wait to think about these ideas till you read the book’s epilogue, or do you want to start thinking now?

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Quote of the day: "Human beings may not be perfect, but a computer program with language synthesis is hardly the answer to the world's problems." - JC Denton

Twittering Away With Delhi Bloggers

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  • If you are twittering kinds, doesn’t matter online or offline
  • If you blog or are interested in all things blog and blogging
  • If you live in Delhi, have lived there, have been there, or just connect with Delhi somehow else
  • If you want to meet up with your fellow twitterers and bloggers

Then you’ve got to be a part of the your very own City of The People With Hearts, Delhi. How, you ask? It’s as simple as pointing your mice and keyboards towards Delhi Tweetup to get the latest on every scoop about blogging, twittering and blogging and twittering in Delhi (and outside as well).

And if you want to be a little bit more involved, you can also join the Delhi Bloggers’ Yahoo Group.

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Our Radha Krishna: Aaj Biraj Mein Holi Re Rasiya

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I Heart Canon

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A gaping mouth was all I had when my 3 year ol’ Canon Powershot S1 IS’s LCD/EVF went blank all of a sudden a few months ago. Nothing could be seen, clicking the picture button resulted in blank pics. Googling about it revealed an advisory by Canon, stating that it is a known issue with the CCD image sensor. Canon impressed me by that notice when they said they will fix it for free, even for cameras out of warranty period, and will also pay to-and-fro shipping. Contacting canon support in India (support, in India? Is that a joke?) resulted in just their ignorance about any such advisory.

Undeterred, I sent the camera to the land of dreams (USA) with a friend, e-mailed the Canon USA support at carecenter@cits.canon.com with my predicament, and they promptly sent shipping labels to my friend. So far so good. But a couple of months went by, with no word from them. Customer support told me they are awaiting parts. Sad I was that day .

One fine day, I just checked the status of the return shipping label on a whim, and found that they had shipped my camera back. I was disheartened thinking it had been returned unrepaired, but then my friend called to let me know that they had sent some other camera back. I thought they might have sent some low price, refurbished camera, but atleast a working camera is better than a non-working one.

Today my friend came back from the US, and what do we have? A brand spanking new Canon Powershot S5 IS (8 MP, 12x Optical zoom, flip out and twist LCD). Yessir . I truly heart Canon. Here is a pic of my new baby (Ah, the irony, the clicking powerhouse has been clicked with a low-res phone camera, but anyways.)


Note: Contact canon immediately if you are facing the same problem and your camera is one of these:

– Camcorders: ZR60, ZR65 MC, ZR70 MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, ELURA 40 MC, ELURA 50
– Digital Cameras A60, A70, A75, A300, A310, S230, SD100, SD110, A40(*), A80(*), A85(*), A95(*), S1 IS(*), S60(*), S200(*), S330(*), S400(*), S410(*), S500(*)

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India Is The Biggest Democracy…..Demolisher

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As I wrote a few days ago, though India is supposedly the biggest democracy in the country, it hardly displays any signs of being so. Every right of any citizen can be demolished in the garb of democracy. The biggest offenders are our dear leaders, who become leaders to lead India towards a democracticly divided country where, if they could have their wish, every citizen of the country would have his ver own personal state.

The latest example is today’s parliament session, where all of them wanted to garner some free points by asking for waivers for farmers, which will anyways be announced tomorrow. The end result – The session could not be comleted and the speaker had to end it by saying “You are all working overtime to finish democracy in this country”.

But I beg to differ Mr. speaker sir, because they are not working to finish the democracy, they have already finished it. Now, they are just working to get their own monarchy established here..

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Sipping Your Cuppa: Old School Style

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If you have ever lugged around your laptop to Barista/Cafe Coffee Day, or have seen others doing the same, then you WILL most definitely be interested in seeing these geeky counterparts of yours (in starbucks though).


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Engineer: A New Definition

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Came across this funny, but still thought provoking, definition of an engineer.

(Taken from “The Embedded Muse”, a useful embedded stuff related newsletter published by Jack Ganssel.)

“An engineer is a person who passes as an exacting expert on the basis
of being able to turn out with prolific fortitude infinite strings of
incomprehensible formulas calculated with micrometric precision from
vague assumptions which are based on debatable figures taken from
inconclusive experiments carried out with instruments of problematical
accuracy by persons of questionable mentality and doubtful reliability
for the avowed purpose of annoying and confusing a hopelessly
chimerical group of esoteric fanatics referred to altogether too
frequently as technicians.”

Crossposted to both my blogs: My Technophilic Musings and Never Knew I Was Living In The World

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Quote of the day: Grandpa: My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a porn star.

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Had watched this video a few months ago, when Channel V was running “launchpad” (An awesome show BTW) and just got so hooked that I went onto the net immediately to download the song and make it my ringtone. Have transferred it/e-mailed it/copied it to so many friends over these months. Your old favourite “Tan Dole, Mera Man Dole” in metal. The guitaring is just too good. Have a look.

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The Apocalypse (And How I Saved It)

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The 7:00 AM alarm shrieked into my ears. A handful of 1 minute snoozes later (exactly 30 of them later), I drag myself around the house like a zombie, trying desperately to get to the bus stop on time. Somehow, putting on an ensemble of body-drapers (some people like to call them clothes), I reach the stop, eyes still half closed. The watch says its 8:50. The driver’s late again. I make a mental note to report it today definitely. But then I feel its a bit too quiet. I take another look and it dawns on me. I’m the only one standing in the middle of a place which has everything a big city has, except, THE PEOPLE. The scene looks straight out of that Resident Evil movie.

Just as I was looking around for any signs of Milia Jovovich, there is a blazing flash. Was it a nuclear bomb? No, I’m still alive but looking into my eyes, is a guy out of nothing less than Star wars (Just my lucky day, phew, all the costume drama has to be played out with me only). The mystery man speaketh “I’ve come from the future. You’ve got to travel back in time and save the earth. No time for questions, you’ll understand everything when u reach”.

“Swanky dude from the future – check, cryptic message – check, Free ride -check, Super Hero Status awaiting me – check”, I do the math and I had been delaying a vacation for a long time anyways, so I take him up on the offer (Maybe he’d also throw in the cool glasses that he was wearing, just for the effect).

Poof and suddenly, the space around me fills with loud noises. I look around and find its a cricket stadium. I feel confused. Watch says January 6, 2008. Still Confused. january 6, 2008. January 6, 2008. JANUARY 6, 2008. And in a zen-like fashion, its all clear to me. I run onto the pitch, and tackle a certain Indian player down to ground so badly that he has to be taken to the hospital. I get arrested by the police. But I’m happy and content even though the world will never know that I saved it. I saved it from the wrath of the monkeys who wiped us out, infuriated that Bhajji compared them to Symonds.

(Disclaimer: I take no responsibility of any mental-disorder, hair loss or related symptoms that might occur as a result of reading this. And I sincerely hope that none of you will take an oath to hunt me down till the end of eternity :))

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