Fanaticism – Are there any limits?

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I woke up today to the news of Chiranjeevi’s fans bashing up someone called Rajsekhar and his family. Now, I don’t know who Rajsekhar is (or didn’t know until I read the news) but still was a bit interested in what act of his brought this to him. And I was aghast to know that the petty reason behind it was that he had stated the fact that Chiru doesn’t have political experience and that he won’t join his party when it’s launched. This little comment of his was enough to enrage Chiru’s fans so much that they chased him on roads in true gundaraj fashion, ultimately catching hold of him and thrashing up not just him but his wife and daughters as well.

When will we stop this fanaticsm, is the only question in my mind. Everywhere I can see a different kind of it. In what is supposedly the largest democracy in the world, the right to freedom of speech seems to be rapidly and democraticly outlawed by a majority of the nation. One can’t live another day if he speaks what he feels about <Insert here the name of any religion, party, community, region, filmstar, and what not>. Everyone has their nose a bit too long this days, especially the one running the country (Someone ought to read them the Pinnochio story). Can’t we just ignore somethings in life. It would make our lives so much smoother. I had read a story as a child which gave an apt analogy. If you offer someone something to eat, and he doesn’t take it, it remains with you. The same way if choose to ignore someone’s comments and walk away, what harm is it doing to you? But I guess such an act is commonly termed as “cowardice” these days.

Now, I think even I must stop or someone reading this might just develop a grudge against me. And I sincerely hope that Chiru’s fans are not tech-savvy enough to go online and read blogs, especially this one. (Wanted to insert a smiley here, but am unable to decide whether this predicament is something to take fun out of or to force oneself to take a look around one)

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