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Thanks for cheering me up and for being there for me, guys. Am feeling much better now that I spent a few days with my family. My parents and bro came down to gurgaon for a couple of days and we talked so much. Went around shopping like a family. And it was so much fun. More fun than any outings with my friends. I really feel refreshed….

Meanwhile, the date for my leaving is coming closer and I havent planned anything. This is my first time so am quite excited but also a bit uncertain whether I’ll be able to sustain this enthusiasm for three months. But am not thinking much about that right now. Lets take things as they come. But at present the worry is that everybody is telling me to start buying things for my stay there and I havent even started making a list as yet. the only list am making right now is what I’ll buy from there. Currently, following 2 things are certain (Have been on the list for a long time):
1. An iPod (thinking of getting a 30 GB photo)
2. A decent 4-5 MP digi cam. (Canon/Sony or Nikon)

The things that are almost on the list are:
1. A gaming console (PS2/XBOX??)
2. A laptop

Do share with me any thoughts, advice, suggestion that you may have about any of these things. What models would be good. Where to buy them from? Any other options available? Know of any discount coupons/ rebates or other deals?
Or may be u can add something to the list…
Chalo, mez off to slickdeals, pricegrabber, etc for now.. 🙂

[Listening to: devil’s child – JUDAS PRIEST – screaming for vengeance (0:-1)]

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Bring some cheerness for me. Happy journey and holidays.

April 12th, 2005 at 9:33 pm
Mr. Maverick

Enjoy your journey and stay :).

Camera – I would recommend the Canon powershot series. Amazing clarity and sharpness.

Ps2/Xbox – I am a gaming FREAK!!!! And i have both of these :).
Depends on what kinda games you like. If you like sports games (football/rugby/tennis etc.) then ps2 is your baby! But if you like complete space age fantasy games then Xbox is what you want.

In other words, Ps2 has more games and so you can choose the better ones, however xbox has far lesser games (though catching up) but the graphics are much better in xbox.

April 13th, 2005 at 11:04 am

@JV: thnx for the wishes man 🙂

@Mr Mediocre: Yaar am now more in favor of PS2..cuz so far the info i’ve got is XBOX is def technically more advanced, but getting games (pirated ones) for XBOX is much more diffcult in India…

April 13th, 2005 at 4:48 pm

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