Something to wait for….

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Wait for a few days…U guys are gonna get something new soon….:)

And my sweet doodle-board has died. Doodle-board is going to be a paid service. So, the hunt for a new one begins..Any suggestions??

Side note: Just a small incident that happened yesterday. As the axe of the Taxman approaches, ppl are running helter-skelter arranging bills. My room-mate (who is a bengali and doesn’t know hindi that much) was doing the same. He went to a few medical shops to get few bills made. Now, every shop he went to, he found a board there in hindi, on which it was written “Dawai ki Dukaan” (in Hindi, meaning a Medicine Shop). After visiting 4-5 such shops, he got very confused and returned home with a puzzled look. After a while, he just cudn’t resist asking me “How come I never heard of this “Dawai” chain store brand in Bengal. All we have there is “98.4” “.

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