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I never was much into movies. Yeah, used to go to an odd couple over a month, combined with another couple on the idiot box/comp. But over the past 2 months, I’ve become a complete movieholic. Believe it or not, I’ve seen atleast 100 movies over these 2 months with about 10 being at the theater. That comes to more than 1.5 movies per day. Dunno what has come over me, but am glad that even though I’ve had to go through a lot of hopeless stuff, still I’ve seen some true pieces of art, strokes of masterclass.

One of them was “Finding Neverland”. Watched this a few days ago and just couldn’t speak anything for about half an hour after it finished. Kept soaking in the slight sensation of pleasure it had aroused. Johnny Depp enlivened the screen of my PC with such an enigma that I couldn’t rip my eyes off the screen lest I should miss a sentence he said. He delivered the dialogues with such charisma, he really seemed to enchant and entrance me with every word he said. He really seemed to be Peter Pan. One must see this pretty little movie…..

Neways, on a side note, just wanted to mention that I just came to know that the central character, Howard Hughes, around whom “Aviator” is based(saw it just before finding neverland), is actually the original founder of my company (Hughes Software Systems). He found the General Motors, under which then lied Hughes Eleectronics, Hughes Network systems and Hughes Software Systems. Now, that is one nugget of info that made me proud 😉

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hey chillax dude….we r now officially SOLD OUT!! No more H.H family….guesswe were more like famly crockery….hehehe

btw updated my blog today…take a look

February 8th, 2005 at 8:40 pm

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