Mogambo ab khush nahin hoga….

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Amrish Puri

Its a shock to hear that our dear old next door villain is no more.
The guy who single handedly revolutionalized the role of vilains in the Indian Cinema has left for the heavenly abode…
The best thing I liked about him was the intensity with which he performed, no matter what the scene demanded, monstrosity of the devil or the love of a father.
His eyes had such power that one look from was all that was needed to keep u riveted to the seats in anticipation of another great performance.
How can I forget the shivers that went down my spine as i saw him, as a little child, laugh in “Mr. India”.
How can I forget the roles he played in DDLJ, Hero…
Indian Cinema has lost a true actor, a true star…..
I salute u “Mr. Mogambo” and I wish that your soul rests in ultimate peace and happiness.
© Shantanu Goel | Mogambo ab khush nahin hoga….

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