A simple wish for u…

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As the countdown begins (and I’m counting in the comfort of a razai at home 🙂 ), the hearts are racing faster. Everyone will try to wish his dear ones as soon as the clock strikes 12. But I’ll most probably forget (as I’m very bhulakkad) or I’ll be partying in my dreams, the venue being that razai I talked about earlier, hence I wish u all a very happy and prosperous new year in advance.


EDIT: The wish I made above might be simple, but don’t make the mistake of thinking about it as just another mundane set of bits and bytes, being streamed to your monitor (actually ur hard disk) by the impassive routers of the internet. The wordings might have been simple and so might have been the feeling behind it but the intensity it has, packs the punch to ward off even the strongest of evils that even think about coming near to u….

So, once again…. Happy New Year

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