Telecon with Parents

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Yeah, herez a sample of a typical telephonic converstation that takes place between a son who *was* ill a couple of days ago and his parents.
(Note: The son here is me)

Mom: Beta, ab kaisa hai?

Son: Mom, Ab bilkul thik hoon. Nothing to worry about.

Mom: Beta, teri awaaz to bahut dheere aa rahi hai. Tu to bahut kamzor lag raha hai…

Son: Arre nahin mom, bola na, I’m perfectly OK.

Mom: Khana to thik se kha raha hai na…

Son: Haan

Mom: Doodh pee raha hai na?

Son: Haan Mom

Mom: Dawai kha raha hai na?

Son: Haan Mom. I can take care of myself now. I know what things I’ve to do…

Mom: Haan beta I know that.

Son: Thnx

Mom: Vaise, garam kapde to pahanta hai na thik se. Bahar bahut thand hai…

Son: Moooooom….Not again….

(Dad chips in)
Dad: Ab thande paani se to nahin naha raha?
(I have a penchant for bathing in cold water actually and was doing the same until 21st of Decemeber)

Son: Nahin dad, i’m using warm water now.

Dad: Geyser lagwa liya?

Son: Nahin, I’m using a heating rod.

Dad: Heating rod is dangerous. U can get an electrical shock.

Son: Dad, I switch it off before touching the water.

Dad: Fir bhi beta, kabhi bhool gaye to?

Son: Nahin bhooloonga dad.

Dad: Nahin, I’m coming there to get a geyser installed.

……And after many more such dialogues I convince dad not to come down here…..

Yeah, I do feel irritated when they treat me as if I’m 5 year old. But simultaneously, I’m forced to think what if they hadn’t done so. All this makes me feel so loved. Had it not been for the constant nagging by mom and dad, I’d have felt so lonely and left out.

Thank you Mom, Thank you Dad. I love u guys…… 🙂

[Listening to: Dragula – Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe (0:-1)]

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