1 TB mail account?????

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Came across this site today Hellacious Riders, which is supposedly giving away 1 TB of mail space (Actually they start at 100 GB and u can continue to use any amount of space even if u cross that limit).
I went over to the site, though I was suspicious about it from the very beginning, and what did I see:
1. Patchy Design
2. Quite old scripts for carrying out various tasks
3. Not much depth in the site

which leads me to believe that its not run by a big company. Now, lwts ask why wud anyone give away so much space. Even hellaciously big companies like M$ won’t (even though companies of such stature are the only ones that can probably provide it)

This seems to me like one of those sites where u get some space when they start out but soon after either the space u have is reduced or worse, the site is no longer there when u log on one fine day to check ur email….

And by all means, it could also be an email phishing scam.

Neways, coming to my opinion, I won’t use it cuz my gmail account is enough for me (I’ve used just about 150 MB so far). Will create another couple of gmail accounts for myself even if this space is filled up.

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