For the impuslive forwarders

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This post is being made to address the species (as christened by me) ” Impulsive Forwarders “.

Here it goes.

If you believe to this rather abundant species, then before mailing me, please note that:

1) I DO NOT want a free phone from Samsung, Nokia or Motorola

2) I DO NOT want any share in Bill Gates’ money

3) I DO NOT want to protect my computer against any “newly discovered” and “covered by CNBC and CNN” virus that is going to hit me through my email with a “loving” subject and blow my hard disk, processor and everything.

4) And yes, I DO NOT want to help that blood cancer affected 10 yr old girl by sending his plea to more people (For GOD’s sake, tell me how come she’s still 10 yrs old though i’ve received her plea for past 9 yrs now)

© Shantanu Goel | For the impuslive forwarders

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