Tanhayian Tanhayian :(

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Gone are the college days when we used to have all that fun. Now its just the mundane corporate world of concrete and silicon that beckons me.

Joining HSS on 28th of June.

Nothing to do nowadays except play mods of Deus Ex and Quake 3.

BTW, Bid for Power (for Q3) and Zodiac (for Deus Ex) truly rock.

Truly exceptional mods I’ve seen so far. The story line of Zodiac is gripping.

Desperately awaiting the release of Part 3. And yes, for those who believed at the end of Deus Ex that aliens didnt exist. Well, guess again. In true DX fashion, we have a new twist to the story and aliens (mind-controlling evil ones and their nemesis, i.e., our buds) surface again.

No more spoilers for u now. Go d/l the mod.

Am too lazy to give the link. Search for it. Or take a look at www.planetdeusex.com/zodiac .

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