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Falls down slowly,

Seeps into the ground,

Isn’t just flowing water,

Won’t stop until your brain is found.

Seeps into your little green eyes,

’til it meets your brain,

Runnin’ through all of your brain cells,

’til it drives you insane.

Acid…Acid Rain

Yeah!!! My illusion’s gone….All those I thought were my frnds actually aren’t….It took so long for this acid rain to reach my mind. Till now I was dancing with joy as if I was dancing in rain but now I know its gonna melt me down.

But I’m happy I’ve got someone by my side who heals me everytime I’m hurt.

Yes, I’m immune now. No acid can hurt me now.

I don’t need u world….I don’t need u….



© Shantanu Goel | ACID RAIN

Quote of the day: "The unplanned organism is a question asked by Nature and answered by Death. You are another kind of question, with another kind of answer." -Morpheus
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